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News writing, media law, shorthand, more news writing, academic discussion on media and power, more shorthand, radio broadcasting, meal out and pub with awesome course mates, massive sleep. Phew, just 51 more weeks of this to go until I’m a ‘master of arts’ and a qualified journalist.

I’ve recently started studying for a combined degree and diploma in multimedia journalism, which not only gets me an MA, but also an industry standard vocational qualification.

In real terms, what this equates to is an absolute poo load of work. Not only am I at uni or the training centre 9-5, four days a week, but I also have to be constantly looking for stories to report on, reporting said stories once found, preparing for weekly academic seminars, practising shorthand, reading all the news all the time and writing this bloody blog.

And we haven’t even got any exams to revise for or coursework set yet! Give it a few weeks and I’m pretty sure my free time will be about as rare and precious as a non-pixelated snap of Princess Kate’s bubba wubba wham whams.

I’m hoping that my prior experience in the working world will have adequately prepared me for the forthcoming period of intense concentration. Let’s just pray that my inherent laziness will be as easily deterred by the prospect of wasting my time and money as it has previously been by the prospect of a massive bollocking from some twat in a suit.

For me, self-determination has always been an epic inner battle. Part of my brain lucidly understands that it’s in my very best interest to knuckle down and work the hardest I can towards a bright and promising future of opportunities.

But then there’s the other part of my brain which tells me to play computer games or search YouTube for videos of midgets super-gluing raisins to a dog… and this part, for some reason, is infinitely more charming and persuasive.

This being said, I’ve been overjoyed with the amount of effort I’ve put into the course so far. It helps that all my lecturers are interesting and engaging, and that the subject matter is both diverse and fascinating. Long may these victories for sensible brain continue!

I’ll have to bring this to a close now, because I’ve just (for some inexplicable reason) eaten most of a pot of custard to myself and now feel, unsurprisingly, a bit queasy. Silly brain was plainly riled by the last paragraph and is now fighting back.

In next week’s entry I’ll be going into more depth about my individual modules.