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A shit photoshop of me with no face

Last week I said I’d post about the different aspects of my course. Well, something more interesting came up.

If we’ve learnt anything from the digital age it’s that incredible things can come from not much more than a jumble of loose ideas, as long as the right people come together at the right time.

Facebook of course is the prime example. Starting out basically as a crude way for blokes to anonymously compare their female classmate’s boobs, the website has expanded into arguably the most prominent online business venture of all time.

Earlier attempts were perhaps thwarted by a basic lack of users – MySpace, for instance, is about as redundant now as a combi VHS and Tamagotchi. But now that so many more people across the world are online, web-based business is surely the only way forward.

As part of my MA course in multimedia journalism I’ve had the opportunity to attend two extremely interesting talks from two prominent but very different journalists.

On the one hand, Fleet Street Fox of www.fleetstreetfox.com – an experienced tabloid news reporter – dispensed such controversial advice as “you’ll never be a columnist unless you’re willing to give the editor a blow job.”

On the other, Mike Herd – previous editor of The Guardian’s G2 magazine – eloquently discussed the decline of print journalism and gave his opinion on the online future of the newspaper and magazine industry.

Taking both these talks to heart (mainly the distinct reluctance to whet ones whistle with the flobbering todger of some Fleet Steet suit),  a few of my course mates and I decided to start our very own web-based magazine.

The aim is to create (using only the most pretentious e-commerce terms) a hyper-accessible, multiplatform web and app-based publication, featuring a hybrid of easily shareable visual, audio, video and written content.

In layman’s terms, it’s going to be a pretty website with funny and interesting things to watch, listen to and read, that you can show your friends – and an app to do all this on your smartphone and tablet.

This idea is like a radioactive coconut: it’s definitely going to be hard to get in to, but I think it has legs.

Watch this space!